Covey’s Quadrants


During some time management training this week, Covey’s priority matrix was employed as a tool to evaluate where time is spent, and where it should be spent.  It has been consistently noted that time is best spent in quadrant 2, dealing with things that are important but not urgent.  The worst place to spend time is in quadrant 4, on unimportant and non-urgent matters.

During tax season, most staff, managers, and partners spend a good majority of time in quadrant 1 due to a shortage of time.  Now that tax season is over, we want to focus once again on activities that would put us into the quadrant 2 realm of “pro-activity” to avoid getting stuck in quadrant 1 later.  However, I have a couple questions about what qualifies as quadrant 2 activity.

Partner/manager golfing events with clients seem to fit into the realm of recreation and relationship building, a quadrant 2 activity.  Is a staff person that maintains a professional blog, is active in online communities (LinkedIn, Startup Nation, etc.), and communicates with other professionals and potential clients via Twitter engaged in a quadrant 2 or quadrant 4 activity?  It is obvious what I think, but do the partners at most firms and business owners agree?  With the professionals I see standing up to say “Hey, don’t block social media from your staff” it appears that not all business owners see value in social media.

Rather than a few social events throughout the year, I have an opportunity daily to engage other professionals and potential clients in meaningful conversations.  Am I twittering my time away?  Is this activity less legitimate?  Business development is about building relationships and relationships require conversations.  Having more opportunities to engage in conversations with people you may have never run into on the golf course or at a stodgy networking event gives you more opportunities for exposure, recognition, and growth.