America, we can’t handle the truth

I was amazed at the grilling Phil Gramm took for observing a fact about the American public.  Tossed under the bus so quick he hardly saw it coming at him.  The fact that Phil Gramm had to be tossed aside so quickly is a testament to the degree of truth in his comments.

The financial hardships being felt by Americans around the country are in no way comparable to those suffered during the great depression.  The metrics on our economy are not great right now (especially if you change the way we calculate a few things), but the wheels have not fallen off yet and we are not suffering a great detriment to our way of life.  Thus I agree that we are over-whining and under-solving with regards to the problems at hand.

We are told by financial advisers to diversify, but we have put all our transportation energy eggs in one basket, and those eggs and the basket come from countries that don’t care about us and may even harbor resentment and hostilities towards us.  We need to diversify our energy portfolio and not look for one magic bullet to solve all the problems.  In interests of national security, we should make sure that this diversification also leads to energy independence so that we can act for what is right in the world rather than for what keeps us moving.