Recognition for innovation

Over at Mark Bailey and Company, something must be going right with the don’t keep track of time and let your team members pick their own engagements idea pool.  These are just two of my favorite ideas from a firm management perspective that are giving Mark Bailey and Company a waiting list of talented professionals waiting to join their team, while other firms are scrambling to attract and retain top talent.

Mark Bailey and Company has been mentioned as a “Firm of the Future” in a recent article in the Journal of Accountancy (thank you Michelle Golden for bringing this to my attention).  The company has also been noted as one of the “Best Accounting Firms to Work for” according to a listing compiled by Source Media.

It pleases me to see a firm willing to take a chance, develop new management models, and succeed as a result.  It appears that being a firm of the future and being one of the best accounting firms to work for may have a few things in common to consider as your firm grows and develops.

Treat your professionals like professionals and not like a highly paid virtual assembly line, and give them freedom to do more of what they like most and do best.