Payday Problems

An article in the World Herald addresses the dangers and explosive growth of payday loan companies in Nebraska and throughout the country.  Around my neighborhood I have definitely noticed this as well.  It seems that half of the time when a legitimate business goes under and sells its storefront it is eventually replaced by a predatory payday lender. 

I think a town like Council Bluffs compounds the problem with the payday loan / casino combination that can leave many people in a payday predicament.  Add to that the Methamphetamine problem in the Midwest (recently highlighted by Tom Becka) and communities can crumble in financial and family disasters.

I think it is especially sad when I see a payday predator camped out next to an HR Block and seeing people go to get their taxes done, opt for an instant refund (really a refund advance loan) and take that check directly to the payday predator to save next week’s paycheck. 

If we can pass laws requiring people to wear seat-belts to save them from themselves, we can pass laws to save them from themselves in the lines of payday predators.

CPA Cadidates

FYI, it may help to speed the process of receiving your NTS for retaking parts of the CPA exam if you submit a copy of your state board form (I know this is required in Nebraska) electronically and send the original in the mail.  This cut the time required to receive my NTS for retaking the exam to about 1 week.