Do the angels hear god?

I was watching Supernatural this week and a discussion among the angels reminded me of a couple middle managers in corporate America.  The angels had been asked to do some questionable things, and proceeded to do so under the premise that they must carry out the will of God. One angel pointed out, is this really the will of God (it certainly doesn’t seem consistent with what we know of his nature) or is this just an order from one of our superiors?

In corporate America the same thing occurs when an upper middle manager has his/her own agenda that is not in keeping with the objectives of the company.  Those middle managers under the rogue upper middle manager will do what they are told, thinking they are carrying out the will of the company, when they are really just carrying out the will of that manager.

The moral here is to think for yourself and be willing to question things that don’t pass the smell test.  Even if you feel like you are putting your head on a stake for doing so, you may end up being a company hero for exposing gross mismanagement.