AICPA partnership with Intacct

I don’t usually post a press release, but I was asked to pass this along by Bill Roberts at the AICPA.

NEW YORK and SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 7, 2009 – The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), its subsidiary CPA2Biz, and Intacct today announced a groundbreaking alliance to benefit millions of small businesses across America and improve the productivity of the CPA profession.

The alliance will help CPA firms and small and mid-sized businesses adopt “cloud computing” to improve their financial performance, take better advantage of financial advice and make better and faster business decisions. Intacct and CPA2Biz will also co-develop a new version of Intacct’s on-demand financial management and accounting applications specifically for CPA firms and their clients that includes unique content from the AICPA.

“In today’s economic climate, small and mid-sized businesses need to actively manage their financial performance by becoming continuously aware of their financial position and collaborate with trusted CPA advisors to make the best possible business decisions,” said Barry Melancon, president and CEO, AICPA. “Our vision for this new alliance is to improve productivity, increase transparency and reduce costs for both AICPA member firms and the millions of small and mid-sized businesses they serve.”

“We have seen a dramatic shift in the way CPA firms provide accounting services to small businesses, with technology being the primary driver,” said Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO, CPA2Biz. “We’ve believed for some time that cloud computing was an effective model for firms to better support and collaborate with clients, but it’s taken many years for on-demand financial applications to mature. After an extensive, multi-year search for the right solution and partner we’re excited to be working with Intacct, whose applications, people, policies and track record are outstanding.”

“We’re honored and excited to join forces with the AICPA and CPA2Biz as their preferred provider of financial applications,” said Mike Braun, president and CEO, Intacct. “When you combine awareness and education from the AICPA with a new offering co-developed by Intacct and CPA2Biz, we are poised to improve the productivity of the CPA profession and millions of small and mid-sized businesses by driving the adoption of cloud-based financial applications.”

Key Details of the New Alliance:

The AICPA, and its subsidiary CPA2Biz, have named Intacct as their preferred provider of financial applications. CPA2Biz has also been named the preferred distributor of Intacct to the CPA profession.

The AICPA and CPA2Biz will make their unique intellectual capital, such as financial best practices, business guidance, benchmarks and industry templates available from within Intacct’s financial applications.

Intacct and CPA2Biz are co-developing a new and unique version of Intacct which will allow CPA firms to work together collaboratively with their clients. The new co-developed product will only be available through the CPA profession.

AICPA members will be eligible to receive discounts on all of Intacct’s financial management and accounting applications.

The benefits of the new alliance will extend to all of the more than 350,000 AICPA members, whether practicing in one of 45,000 member CPA firms or working in industry, and to millions of small and mid-sized businesses across the country.

“We applaud the AICPA for providing leadership to our profession by taking this unprecedented step to promote the adoption of cloud computing to allow all firms to better serve their clients’ needs,” said Al Anderson, CPA and Managing Principal, LarsonAllen LLP.

“As one of the largest accounting firms in America and an early adopter of Intacct, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that this technology provides for our small business and non-profit clients, as well as for our firm. We’re huge fans.”

Cloud computing refers to the variety of ways in which technology companies offer computing services over the Web from remote data centers. Gartner, a leading technology research firm, estimates that the market for cloud-based services was more than $46 billion in 2008 and will grow to more than $150 billion by 2013.


  1. Tina says

    I am an avid reader of your blog. I make it a point to check in to your blog every couple weeks to review your posts. Thank you for the time and effort it takes to maintain a blog.
    I have worked for a Big 4 firm for the past 5.5 years. There have been a lot of changes in the industry. During lunch with a partner last week, was pointed toward a new book (title “Age of Indulgence”) that exposes the fraud that accounting firm employees use when submitting expense reports and billable hours. I knew some of this fraud existed, but not to this extent. Anyways, thought it might be a good book for you to read and to maybe create a blog post topic.
    Here is the link to the book:
    Thanks again for your insights!

  2. says

    Thanks for your insightful comment! It is nice to know that someone out there cares about what I’m doing here. I just got the opportunity to syndicate my content over at with a few other writers that I am rather fond of. I will see if I can get the book and get it read over the summer when I don’t have any classes to worry about, but I am a rather slow reader, so it may take a while. Right now I am reading “The Innovators Solution” by Christensen & Raynor as a recommendation from my Economics of Technology professor and I may have some blog posts related to that as well.

    The expense reports is one thing and can be called out pretty easily, but the fraud relating to billable hours begs the question of whether accountants should get paid for efforts (pay per billable hour) or for results (fixed fee for a completed audit, tax return, etc.). I know this topic is actually beginning to get some attention from major outlets such as the Journal of Accountancy and the Wall Street Journal. It will be interesting to see how this works out. Personally, I believe I should get paid for results rather than efforts as bearing this business risk will also allow me to reap greater rewards.