Paying US taxes

In the 2008 Paying Taxes report released by the World Bank and PWC, the United States scores near the middle on key metrics regarding our business taxation system. The composite rank was 76 out of 178 with regard to total ease of paying taxes. That number was pulled down significantly with a rank of 21 for the number of tax payments required to be made by the sample company used for comparison.

Although the number of payments is low the compliance time ranking is 122 for a total of 325 hours (200 of those hours for income tax) of compliance time required on tax filings. The total tax rate ranking is 102 for a total tax rate of 46.2% (27.1% income, 9.6% labor, 9.5% other taxes) for the sample company used in the comparisons.

The United States scores in the top half when considering the composite score, but when one only considers the time of compliance and tax rate, the United States is well into the bottom half of the rankings for paying taxes.