Taxation from our representation

Apparently we do not have high enough taxes to finance the wealth of social programs that the Congress would like to propose to the nation.  It seems that there has been an unholy appeal to the poor to vote themselves raises on the backs of the ‘rich’ or the corporations who have too much and share too little.  Our nation, once a highlight of individualism and the achievements of rather free capitalism, slips further into socialism as big brother rocks the cradle and the populace drifts to sleep.

Economic crises bodes well for making promises of ‘free’ medical care for all and other ‘free’ or increased entitlement programs to those who feel they are in need.  It’s easy to sell boogieman insurance when people believe there are monsters in the closet. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that regardless of who becomes the next president of the United States, there will be higher taxes, it is merely a matter of the type of taxes levied.  Let us not forget that no matter who the tax is levied against, it is the American people who will pay this tax either directly or indirectly.