Get paid to interview?

After reading about Notchup on the Neil McIntyre blog, I went to the site to investigate how this project works.  The most interesting part to me was how they make the sale to the companies that will pay you for an interview.

If I were running HR for a company, I would seriously consider using a service like this.  By companies paying for your time (instead of paying a recruiter to find you) they are getting qualified candidates who are potentially more engaged for a fraction of the cost a recruiter would charge.

This truly seems to be a win/win situation for all parties involved, a shining example of people motivated by capitalism.

The key to this process for the individual, is that you need to have experience and qualifications that are in demand (the types who are always getting calls from recruiters).

I think small businesses would do well to look into this arrangement as an alternative to other recruiting methods that are either very costly or rather ineffective.